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Canker Sore Elimination

Canker sores arise in about 80% of the population aged 10-20 in the United States. The occurrence, even though it is thought to be linked to the individual’s immune system, is unknown and usually happens sporadically through time. However, for some patient canker sores are a continuous source of discomfort due to constant events of sore eruption. Please contact our dentist in Encino if you need canker sore treatment.

Canker sores usually appear:

  • After biting lips, tongue or the inside of the cheek
  • After cutting mouth or gums with sharp-edged foods or items
  • With ill-fitting dentures
  • In individuals with braces
  • After brushing too hard or too frequently

Several studies show that cancer sore occurrences are also more prominent in patients with nutritional deficiencies of iron, folic acid and other B vitamins. Vitamin supplements are sometimes used in an attempt to eliminate the deficiencies and reduce the eruption of more canker sores.

Our Encino dentist, Dr. Cerveny, understands how painful and discomforting canker sores may be. With modern technology and a dental touch, our dentist will have you canker sore taken care of and will continue the treatment in order to reduce future canker sores from appearing. We encourage you to contact our dental office in Encino for more information or to schedule an appointment.