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Check-up & Prophylaxis

Check-ups & Prophylaxis in Encino

Routine Check-ups & Prophylaxis with our Encino Dentist

Our Encino dentist, Dr. Cerveny, focuses on preventative dentistry in order to encourage outstanding oral care in all patients that visit our dental office. In order to ensure proper oral health, regular dental check-ups and dental prophylaxis are needed in addition to brushing and flossing.

While at our Encino dental office for a teeth cleaning, our dentist or staff will thoroughly clean your teeth. Following the teeth cleaning, our dentist will make sure that there are no potential problems and to ensure excellent health of the oral cavity.

When should I see the dentist for a prophylaxis or check-up?

Our dentist in Encino recommends visiting our dental office once every 6 months. Keep in mind that some patients may need to visit our office more frequently because of his or her medical history or because of increased risk of infection.

During a dental prophylaxis or teeth cleaning at out Encino office, please expect the following to occur:

Our dentist will carefully clean your teeth above and below the gum line, removing any sign of tartar and plaque to prevent infection. Your teeth will also be flossed and any visible tooth stains that may have appeared will be removed. Because the prophylaxis or teeth cleaning is completed with special ingredients, you will also begin to experience fresher breath.

Following the prophylaxis, our dentist will complete a full oral exam or check-up in order to ensure proper oral health. Our dentist will also check for any potential issues and will discuss any oral care habits that should be addressed to make sure your excellent oral health is maintained.

If you are looking for a dentist in Encino or need a teeth cleaning and/or check-up, please call our dental office today. Our patients are our first priority and you will experience only the best dental treatment.