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Common Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Common Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Are you expecting? Pregnancy can be a joyous time for the expecting parents, both mother and father. Days often become filled with baby books, name-picking, gender-guessing and so much more. Considering the physical demands that pregnancy places on the mother-to-be, it’s easy to say that she has it more complicated. Although, many fathers will tell you that caring for the expectant mother is just as exhausting.

Oral health during pregnancy is often overshadowed by other symptoms and women often make a big mistake in leaving their dental health last. Pregnancy can lead to dental problems in women, such as tooth decay, gum disease or more. The source of many of these dental issues is the simple fact that your hormones surge during those nine months, which causes your body to respond differently to plaque and other bacteria. Even though most of these conditions can be easily treated during pregnancy, untreated dental issues can affect your baby which is why it is extra important that precautions be taken and that treatment be given accordingly. If you are expecting or thinking of expecting, your best bet is to visit a dentist as soon as possible.

Dental problems during pregnancy also develop due to:

  • Gum issues
  • Vomiting
  • Increased cravings
  • Inflammation

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