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Dental Bridge in Encino

When teeth are missing, many unpleasant problems can appear as a result of this. Patients can often be afraid or embarrassed to smile which in turn can lead to a variety of health problems including depression, dental cavities, inability to chew or bite correctly and more. Having missing teeth over time can also lead to a serious health problem as jaw and bone structure can become compromised. However, modern technology has allowed for dental treatments like dental bridges to help rectify this issue. At our Encino dental office, our dental bridges are an excellent alternative to replacing one or more teeth, giving you that youthful, natural-looking smile you deserve.

Dental Bridge: What is it?

A dental bridge is similar to a partial denture, but dental bridges are fixed permanently in place. The dental bridges will look and function just like natural teeth and are virtually undetectable, made of dental porcelain matching the exact color of the surrounding teeth.

How can I benefit from having a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges give you several benefits that will always eliminate common disadvantages cause by denture. Some advantages dental bridges are:

  • Dental bridges will not slip or rub against gums
  • Easily cared for and can be brushed as you would natural teeth
  • Are permanently fixed into place eliminating the risks involved in damage or misplacement
  • Provide long-lasting results with normal, routine care

Our dentist in Encino, Dr. Cerveny, enjoys taking care of our patients and loves to see each one of them with a healthy smile. If you are missing any teeth and want more information on dental bridges and if you are a candidate, schedule an appointment today (818) 783-0408. We’d love to hear from you!


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