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Dental Fillings in Encino

Tooth decay can often be removed and filled to help restore the strength of a natural tooth. Additionally, new dental technology has allowed for new tooth-colored fillings that are also mercury free which will provide long-lasting results and a completely natural look. Dental fillings by our Encino dentist, Dr. Cerveny, are comprised of tooth-colored, composite resins which help refurbish and repair any tooth damage. This type of dental filling will also make the tooth look more attractive.

Dentists in the past were required to use silver-metal or amalgam dental fillings since this was the only material available for use. Recent studies have now unveiled that these silver fillings are made of toxic ingredients and also expand over time which can crack or damage your tooth. Our dentist, Dr. Cerveny, recommends that if you have this type of dental filling you should contact our office about having the dental filling replaced.

Tooth-colored fillings are known to provide:

  • Completely natural-looking and lifelong results
  • Mercury-free alternative to silver dental fillings
  • An exact tooth color match
  • No discoloration
  • Added strength to the tooth

Our dentist in Encino always advocates getting tooth-colored composite resin dental fillings over traditional silver fillings due to the fact that there are many negative side effects to the silver fillings.

Our Encino dentist and staff believe in conservative dentistry and will always do our best to maintain your natural teeth. Contact us today a dental filling appointment at Encino dental office (818) 783-0408. Remember, if you need to change out a silver filling, we can help you with this as well.