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Dr. Roberta Cerveny

Dr. Roberta Cerveny, Dentist Encino
Dr. Roberta Cerveny with a happy patient.

I am a Southern Californian since birth and grew up in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles where I still reside today. While attending high school, I helped out in a dental office and really enjoyed what I learned. The dentist in this office really encouraged me to go into dental hygiene, which I did. After graduating from the dental hygiene program at UCSF, I practiced in the San Fernando Valley. While working as a hygienist I realized that what I really wanted to do was to become a dentist. I applied to UCLA dental school and was thrilled to be admitted. I was the only woman in my class, which made it quite interesting.

When I graduated I went into private practice in Sherman Oaks, later moving my practice to Encino where I still am today. Although many of my classmates wanted to go into a specialty area of dentistry, I always knew I wanted to be a general dentist so that I could have the variety and flexibility of doing all types of dentistry. Since graduating, I have been keeping abreast of all the changes going on in the dental field by going to classes and seminars.

I have studied esthetic dentistry learning on how to do porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges. I have taken extensive courses at Loma Linda University on placing and restoring implants to replace missing teeth. I keep current on treating gum disease and also study Endodontics, which is treating the canals of an infected tooth. My staff and I keep current with CPR and sterilization techniques because patient care is one of our main concerns. There are othe facets of dentistry I have studied over the years an have taken more post graduate classes required by law to keep up my license. There are so many new things in dentistry, it is really an exciting time to become a dentist and I love to make people look and feel better about their mouths.

Interview with Dr. Cerveny

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