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How Often Should I Visit the Hygienist?

How Often Should I Visit the Hygienist?

There’s quite a bit of misinformation out there about the frequency in which you should visit your dental hygienist. Although there are many ways to know when you should see a dental hygienist, it's not always a set period of time. You may hear from supposed “experts” that you should see a dental hygienist once every 3 to 6 months at the very least. However the truth of the matter is while maintenance and regular checkups are important you don't need to see professional at set intervals of time.

In fact the current state of your dental hygiene is the main determining factor. When you have a good foundation of oral hygiene habits, the need to see a dentist is lower. Normal dental hygienists will recommend professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year but this time frame is determined by the condition of the patients mouth and how difficult the tarter is to remove  from the teeth.

Finding the right hygienist in Encino is the first big step. Not only will the dental hygienist be able to maintain and take care of your teeth, but they'll be able to properly teach and educate you. When the issues with your teeth and gums become a problem, it can adversely affect your bite as well that your quality of life. Simple things such as chewing and eating food will quickly become painful and less than enjoyable. This is why you need the best hygienist in Encino to help you restore your oral hygiene and give you a solid schedule of maintenance.

If you haven't seen a dental hygienist or professional in a long time and you're worried about what possible bad news they might bear, schedule your appointment today with Dr. Roberta Cerveny by dialing (818) 783-0408.

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