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Which Way to Whiter Teeth?

Which Way to Whiter Teeth?

We often receive questions about different options for teeth whitening. Over the counter whitening products are usually considered safe and can be an inexpensive way to try whitening. Dentist supervised teeth whitening with professional strength products remains the safest and most effective way to achieve the brightest smile possible. Here are some of the advantages of professional whitening vs. OTC whitening:

  • Professional whiteners have a higher concentration of the active ingredient.
  • OTC whiteners will lighten teeth , but are not strong enough to get teeth whitest they can be.
  • Professional whiteners maintain their high concentration during their contact with teeth surfaces. Custom fitted trays or office application procedures keep saliva from diluting the whitener.
  • OTC whiteners become diluted from saliva , lowering their already low concentration of active ingredients.

Gradual darkening of tooth enamel is a natural process of aging. In addition, we expose our teeth to all kinds of stain causing food and drink. Once you whiten your teeth, you will want to keep your smile bright with periodic touch ups that are easy to do at home!

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