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Tooth loss is a serious issue. Even losing a single tooth can have a major impact on your life, no matter if it the empty space can be seen or not. Replacing your missing tooth is essential for restoring optimal functionality of your mouth and your quality of life. Encino Cosmetic Dentistry can replace your tooth with a bridge.

What Causes Tooth Loss?

You can lose a tooth for a number of different reasons. Common causes of tooth loss include:
•  Facial trauma, which can result from a sports injury, a car accident, a fall, and more.
•  Severe tooth decay.
•  Periodontal disease.
•  Bruxism.
•  Poor nutrition.

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is a traditional restoration used to replace a missing tooth. It may be used to replace up to three consecutive teeth. There are a few different types of bridges. They all have a pontic, or false, tooth that fills in the empty space left behind by your missing tooth. The pontic tooth is designed to match the size and shape of your natural tooth. Bridges an also be made from many different materials, including metal, porcelain fused to metal, and all porcelain. Types of bridges include:
•  Cantilever. A cantilever bridge has a crown on one side of the pontic tooth, which anchors the restoration in place.
•  Maryland or resin bonded. A Maryland bridge also called a resin-bonded bridge, secures the pontic tooth into place by bonding metal wings, which are attached to the false tooth, to the backsides of the adjacent teeth.
•  Fixed. A fixed bridge is the most common type of traditional bridge. This bridge has two crowns, one on each side of the pontic tooth. These crowns secure the bridge into place on the teeth adjacent to the empty space, also called the abutment teeth.

Bridge Placement

It takes two appointments to place your bridge. During your first appointment, enamel from each abutment tooth is removed. This process reduces the size of each tooth, allowing the crowns to fit properly over them and ensuring that your bridge fits naturally in with the rest of your teeth. After preparing the teeth, an impression is taken, and a temporary bridge is set into place. The temporary restoration helps to fill in the empty space left behind by your missing tooth and protects the abutment teeth.

Your impression is sent to our dental lab where it is used to design and create your custom bridge. Once the bridge is ready, you come back for your second appointment. During this appointment, we remove the temporary restoration and check your final bridge for fit and bite. If there are no adjustments that need to be made, we secure the bridge onto your abutment teeth with special dental cement.

Benefits of a Bridge

A bridge provides many benefits.

•  Your smile is restored, which can help to boost your confidence.
•  You can bite and normally chew, which helps to improve digestion and nutrition.
•  Your speech is restored.
•  Filling in the empty space helps to prevent your healthy teeth from shifting into the empty space.
•  Your oral health is improved.

If you have suffered tooth loss, it is important that you have the missing tooth replaced as soon as possible. Call Encino Cosmetic Dentistry at (818) 783-0408 today to schedule your appointment and find out if a bridge is a right solution for you.

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If you have suffered tooth loss, it is important that you have the missing tooth replaced as soon as possible. Call Encino Cosmetic Dentistry at (818) 783-0408.
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