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Oral hygiene is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Prevention of cavities and other oral health complications begins at home with daily brushing and flossing. It is also recommended that you have professional cleanings and exams at least twice a year. While these habits can help to keep your teeth, and the rest of your mouth, healthy, some individuals are more prone to cavities than others. As a result, cavities may develop despite taking good care of your mouth. Encino Cosmetic Dentistry can help you to further prevent the formation of cavities with fluoride and sealants.


Fluoride is a naturally occurring element in your teeth that is essential for the strength of your enamel and its ability to defend against the acid attacks that cause decay and cavities. Like other minerals in your mouth, including calcium and phosphates, fluoride is leeched out of your teeth every day. This is a process called demineralization, and it is completely natural.

Fluoride and other minerals can also be replaced daily as well. As long as you are replacing the same amount of fluoride as you are losing, your teeth remain healthy and can fight against decay. If you lose more fluoride than you replace, however, this is when decay occurs.

Fluoride can be found in a variety of sources, including treated tap water and fluoridated oral care products. For many, these sources are enough. For others, however, cavities can still develop. We can help to restore fluoride to your teeth, enabling them to effectively fight against acid attacks, with fluoride treatments. These treatments are incredibly simple and completely painless. After cleaning your teeth, we paint a fluoride gel onto the surfaces of your teeth. The fluoride absorbs directly into your enamel, where it goes to work strengthening your teeth.


The chewing surfaces of your molars are more likely than other regions to accumulate food particles and bacteria. These surfaces contain deep crevices, which can be difficult to completely clean, no matter how well you brush. This buildup can then increase your risk of developing cavities.

We can help to prevent the development of decay and cavities in the chewing surfaces of your teeth with sealants. Sealants are a synthetic material made up of plastic. They effectively seal the deep crevices, preventing bacteria, food particles, and other debris from getting trapped. Your molars are much easier to maintain, which aids in reducing your risk for cavity development.

The process for getting sealants is very simple, non-invasive, and completely painless. Before getting sealants, any existing cavities need to be treated first. The process for getting your sealants begins with a thorough cleaning.

We then apply an acid etch to the surfaces of your molars. This creates a rough texture so the sealant material will bond more effectively. After we wash off the acid etch and dry your teeth, we then apply the sealant material. A light is used to cure, or dry, the sealants, enabling them to provide you with immediate protection.

Both fluoride and sealants, when combined with good oral hygiene practices, can help you to prevent further the formation of cavities, and the serious issues that they can cause. Call Encino Cosmetic Dentistry today at (818) 783-0408 to schedule your appointment and find out if fluoride and sealants are right for you.

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Both fluoride and sealants, when combined with good oral hygiene practices, can help you to prevent further the formation of cavities, and other serious issues.
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